Happy Birthday Todd

I got a touching e-mail this morning. Paul Piana wrote to see what the progress was on the public release of the film. Ironically, after not touching the film in several months, I have been feverishly laying down the last bits of polish over the last couple weeks so we can (finally!) have a public release. I am at the office on a sunday morning literally hours away from being able to call the film “Done” with a capital D. Paul unfortunately didn’t get to make it to the premiere, and still hasn’t seen the film (sorry!) so obviously has some level of anticipation to see what I did with his likeness on the big screen. But the other reason he told me he thought to e-mail me today, of all days, is that today would have been Todd Skinner’s 55th birthday.

I never met Todd, yet over the nearly two years of working on this film and meeting some of his closest friends and family members I have come to the realization that he was an amazing person, not just an amazing climber. He touched and inspired many people through his climbing feats, through his inspirational talks, through being a loving husband and father, and in innumerable other ways of just being an all around good person. If the telling of part of Todd’s story through my film can direct even a fraction of his energy and passion towards viewers then I will consider the film a huge success. I feel honored to have been deemed worthy of helping share his and Landers’ story with the world. In his e-mail Paul wrote of Todd’s birthday, “Give a salute to him.” So here’s my salute, Happy Birthday Todd.

Look for the DVD and online release in early november. There will also be another screening in Lander in conjunction with this event. Date and time TBA.

Photo © Porter Jarrard

Photo © Porter Jarrard



The film is nearly done, and the premiere date has been chosen! Check out the brand new trailer!

Come to the 20th anniversary International Climbers’ Festival in Lander this year to see the premiere of ‘Wind and Rattlesnakes’!!

The festival runs from July 10th-14th and the film will premiere thursday July 11th, location TBA.

Editing the Wolf Point Chapter of the Film

Work is underway of the portion of the film capturing Wolf Point Development. The story is developing even better than expected! Thanks BJ and Tom for letting me tag along and film!


Archival Footage and Organizing Interviews

Going through all the old archival footage sent by Amy Underwood Skinner, Paul Piana, and Peter Mallamo. Here is a picture of me reviewing VHS footage and digitizing all that tape. Paul also sent me around 100 slides from the “Iris early days”.



Work continues on the section describing the early sport climbing in Sinks Canyon. Greg Collins describing early work in the Killer Cave, accompanied by various climbers sending an assortment of cave routes.

editing sinks dolomite w collins



Had an awesome week during the Climbers’ Festival, interviewing a number of visiting climbers as well a few locals from back in the day.  Amidst what has been a hectic filming schedule I was still able to cut this teaser to show during Tellurides’ touring Mountainfilm showing, one of my favorite events of the week.  Special thanks to Kris ‘Odub‘ Hampton for sharing his excellent cowboy poem made up almost entirely of route names from the Lander area!

Flight Club

Spent a beautiful evening with Vance White out at Fairfield Hill on friday.  This under rated crag in Sinks sees hardly any traffic despite only being a 30 minute hike from the road.  Fewer visitors means more opportunity for bolting though, which Vance and a few others have been taking advantage of the past few seasons.  Here he is on his latest line, dubbed ‘Flight Club.’  I am Jack’s palm sweat glands.

Rock Shop

The Rock Shop is a new climbing area near South Pass that is being developed primarily by Chris Marley, Jesse Brown, and David Lloyd.  So far the quality of the problems seems quite high.

Wolf Point

“It’s the future”
-BJ Tilden

Wind & Rattlesnakes

I had the chance to interview Amy Underwood (formerly Amy Skinner) for the film last week and it was awesome!  Amy was great on camera and had so many fantastic things to say about Lander and the people who have called this place home.  From reminiscing about the first summer when Todd’s sister discovered the Wild Iris to recounting first ascents and her fondness of the “Cowboy Spirit” of Lander it was easy to see why Amy fell in love with this place as so many others have.

Here’s a little taste of her wisdom.

P.S. I think I have a name for the film.